Turning 17

Hey guys,

I haven’t posted in literally a year!

Last time I posted I was teetering on the edge of “real life”, see in your early years of school (as you most likely know) you spend an awful amount of time at school doing NOTHING. Even though all you’ve done is colour in a picture of Peppa Pig and done a wordsearch you come home from school exhausted. Well, that was what school used to be like, then reality hit like a truck in about march this year. I was struck with the realisation that my GCSE’s were imminent and I needed to put my arse into gear. Needless to say I did and after a few revision trips to the library and a fair amount of last minute cramming (more than I’d like to admit) I was ready to take my exams. I don’t actually think I found the exams that stressful, I mean don’t get me wrong learning quotes from Macbeth, The Sign of the Four, 7 short stories and 15 poems-for English Literature, was no walk in the park but I did it and I am very proud of all the grades I achieved.

I then had my prom which was amazing I really came out my shell that night as I’m that person who will sit at the side pretending that they’re having a good time when in actual fact they’d rather be at home watching TV. I’m not a dancer but that night I danced till my feet hurt- I’m not joking when I say that, I got cramp later on in the night once I’d freed my feet from my high heels.

After that I went on holiday for the first time in AGES, I went on a 3 week holiday to the US, where my family and I travelled to 4 different states (New York, Florida, Portland and San Francisco). It was probably one the the best experiences of my life, I saw so many wonderful things and for that I am very grateful.

Now I am at the sixth form of my “old school”, I really enjoy it, I had a rocky start as I had to adjust to new people, subjects, timetables, teachers and a new environment- all of which I found rather overwhelming. I also went through a period of feeling quite lonely as I’m really not a people person; my people skills are limited, but I think I don’t give myself enough credit as I know for a fact that I am more confident that I think. However, now I am extremely happy with my friendship group, it’s a comfortable size there is about 10+ of us, as it fluctuates  depending on the day. I’ve been invited to 4 parties in the next few weeks which is UNHEARD of for me as I never get invited to any! Overall, I’m feeling a lot more positive about school as of late.

Over the holidays and in the New Year I am planning to work on my organisation, hopefully I get a bullet journal for my birthday (which is in 2 days!!!) or Christmas. I also want to do a lot more revision in preparation for end of topic tests so that I will be more prepared when it comes to taking my A-levels. I can’t say I am overly excited for my birthday this year though, as I am quickly realising that I am growing up and that very soon I will have to move out and live alone. However, I am very excited to go to university after I visited an open day a few weeks back. Once, I turn 17 I am going to make sure to get a job as I didn’t this year and I would really like some extra money which I can spend on clothes. I would also like to apply for my provisional license and perhaps even get driving lessons. Ideally next year I would also like to apply for and complete an EPQ as I would like to try and get the best and the most qualifications I can before I go to university.

That’s been my life for the past year, summed up in about 700 words. Obviously that’s a VERY condensed version but I hope that you reading this have found this interesting and it has made you think about how your last year was and what you’d like to do in the future. I’m honestly not sure when I’ll next post on here as I seem to only post when I’m in the mood to write but I’m sure I’ll post again soon.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

Here are some photos from my holiday:

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Feeling Festive

Eeek I have been binge watching Eve Bennett’s vlogmas (for last year) since Sunday and I am officially ready for Christmas.

Normally it takes me a while to get properly into the festive spirit but now I am ready! 

On Sunday after being under the influence of feeling festive I went to Sainsbury’s with my parents (as you do) and convinced them to buy me a pair of bright red slippers with white polka dots on which look like elf shoes, they are super cute if I do say so myself. I also got a big snuggy Christmas jumper (also red) with a giant Christmas tree on the front of it with little leds which flash when I walk. Finally I got a wooden star, with smaller stars cut out of it, this lights up and shines out a lovely warm glow when it’s on. Finally I bought (and have forgotten to pay my parents back) a box of celebrations, I mean you’ve got to take advantage of those Christmas offers. Seriously though £2 for a box of chocolates, not bad!😇 

I have also been loving watching all of the Christmas adverts. What’s your opinion on the John Lewis advert this year? I though it was good but it didn’t make me cry like they usually does, so I went back and watched their penguin one from a few years back so I could have a good cry!😂😂 I also really enjoyed the M&S advert, I cried at that one as well, surprise surprise! 

Basically all I wanted to say in this post is that I’m super excited for December now and wish it would hurry up an come! I want my daily chocolate! Oh also I bought the Tanya burr advent calendar this year so I am super stoked to start opening the doors on that!!

Right I think that’s all I wanted to say!!

See you soon Xx

My Life Updated

Hey guys! SO I haven’t written on here in a long time!>_< *I feel like that is becoming my intro*

Firstly thanks so much for 90 followers! What! Considering I only post now and then it is crazy to think that I have created a little fam of 90 people!

Ok right let me explain everything that has been going on in my life, disclaimer this is by no means going to be a deep post I just want to tell ya’ll what I’ve been up to.

Righty ho. So I am currently up at my grandparents as it is half term! Man do I deserve a break, Yr 11 is tough. If you aren’t in Yr 11 yet PLEASE get organised before you get there because there is so much work to do and so many deadlines to meet! Already I have had a science end of topic test, my German Speaking exam and we are prepping for our science ISA. That may not sound like heaps of work but when you take art like myself and are being set 3 (yes 3) paintings to do in a WEEK, which can I point out is frigging impossible, it is a lot of work!

Moral of that story, get organised!

Secondly I have been trying super hard with my youtube channel, I actually got a shout out which really helped me out as in 24 hours I went from 27 subs to 250!!

In the summer I went to a retro festival which was super super fun! I went last year as well and both times I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I have also been trying to be more sociable as I am actually trying to talk to kids at school who I don’t know! I have been talking to more of my friends on social media and I have actually arranged to have a HALLOWEEN PARTY! What! I know crazy right, well for me at least! I am super excited and can’t wait to get all dressed up! I am thinking of going as a mexican day of the dead sugar skull, what are you going as?

On the topic of makeup and getting dressed up, I need your guys help. I want to buy a white eyeliner but don’t know of any good brands, do you have any recommendations? I am going to Reading with a friend tomorrow and am thinking of popping into Boots to get one.

The last thing I was gonna tell you guys is that I was ill near the start of the week! I wasn’t ill with a sicky bug or with a temperature or anything like that! Noo I have labyrinthitis. Yer apparently that’s a thing. Basically I was super dizzy and had to stay lying down for like 2 days! I was ok though as I had a whole load of dance moms to catch up on! >_< It was also ok because I don’t get travel sick and so it didn’t affect me in that way either. I went to the doctors on wednesday and I got given pills to take to help stop the dizziness. I can actually swallow the pills as well! Normally I really struggle with swallowing pills and I have to crush them up but I can swallow these as they are only diddy! I felt so proud of myself when I swallowed them for the first time! It’s the little things in life, ok! Also when looking labyrinthitis up on the internet apparently it can be brought on by fatigue and stress, so thanks a bunch school! ^o^

That’s all that I can really think of that has been going on in my life. Thanks so much for reading! Also thanks again for 90 followers, here’s to 100! >_< Hopefully I will upload a post this week as I am part way through writing one but I thought that I would just post this ya know, so that you didn’t think I was dead! ^-^

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See you soon Xx

Back To School| New Year, New Me

Hey! So as you are all probably aware it is BTS season and today I thought I would tell you some of the things I am going to change about the way I work and the way go about my day so that I can become the best version of me! I feel that it is really important that I get this right this year as I am going into Yr 11 and so will be taking my GCSE’s! Then from then on life will only get harder so in need to bring my A game at all times.


Doesn’t it look like PacMan!? >_<

Ok so on with the list!

  1. ANY homework I get on that day is to be done on that day!
  2. Homework should be started as soon as I get home (or at least near enough)! You see last year I would get home and have a snack and sit around on my phone for HOURS! This would end up making me feel panicked, stressed, guilty and depressed and “ain’t nobody got time for dat”! I need to just get it out the way so that I feel like I have accomplished something.
  3. REVISE! I would hardly ever revise for end of topic tests and because I could get away with that and still come away with a good grade I figured it didn’t matter but NoOoOo it need to be revising so that I will remember it all better when it comes to the GCSE!
  4. Actually try to be more sociable at school, at the weekends and in the holidays or else I’ll be sittin’ on the (dock of the bay. Does anyone even get that reference?) side lines!IMG_20160816_121904871Ugh that flower in the centre is so irritating! But as Sheila Buff would say “Just Deal With It!” Omg I’m such a nerd!>_<
  5. Get a good night sleep! It will do you a favour honey, all those spots will be long gone! You will be able to concentrate better and get up earlier which brings me onto my next point!->
  6. If you get up early you can do your hair nice and maybe put on some make-up and forget about concealer because if you get a good night sleep you won’t need it! Also you won’t be late to school! Whoot!
  7. Also try to use your free time to practice drawing more and perhaps read before bed!


I hope you guys liked this post and found it helpful! I am aware that it was basically me ranting at myself and giving myself a pep-talk but I hope you liked it non the less! Also apologies for the bad photos I had to use my phone as Dad is on a day trip in London with my brother and so he had the camera!

What are you going to change to make yourself the best version of you?

See you soon Xx

The Vyne

Hey! Guess what!? I’ve got another photography post for you guys! The other day my family and I went to this national trust place called the Vyne and it was beautiful! I took lots of lovely photos of all the flowers and plants and so I thought I would edit them up for you guys and post them on my blog, enjoy!DSC06434







Now this next one isn’t actually from the Vyne but it is soo CUTE!


This lil guy was in my garden the other day! Isn’t he adorable! Well actually it could be a girl mouse but I didn’t check so!

So there are some photos for my trip to the Vyne, I really hope you liked them!

Which photo was your favourite!?

Thanks for stopping by!

See you soon Xx


My Trip to Brighton

Hey guys, so last Thurday my family and I went out on a day trip to Brighton. It was super fun and I took lots of photos so I thought I would share them with you! I even edited them!>_<

SO the first place I took photos at was the car park, there was some really cool graffiti which looks neon since I upped the vibrancy and saturation!




The next place I snapped some photos at was the restaurant where we had lunch!



I then took some photos on the pier!



Looks like I took this one in the evening huh! Nope, I took in in the middle of the day, that’s the magic of editing!



That’s all folks! Tell me which is your favourite down in the comments below and also tell me all the cool places you have been this summer or all the cool places you are going to go!

I hope you liked this post! See you in the next one!

See you soon Xx

A Weekend Walk

Hey! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve had practice exams!😶 I just wanted to say thank you for 85 followers!! (It might be 86 I’m not too sure!😂) Also I wanted to say that I will be blogging more in the summer so keep your eyes peeled. 

This is a photo from a family walk that I went on last weekend! 

Sorry this post was so short I just wanted to update you all quickly and tell you that I haven’t forgotten about you!Xx

See you soon Xx

Real Techniques Blush Brush|Review

Hey! I thought that today I would write up a review of the real techniques blush brush as I took the photos for this post MONTHS ago! However, I have never actually got round to writing this post to… >_<

Also quick updates:

  • I when flying again last Friday! I might do a post on that but no promises ;p
  • I have also done three science GCSEs in the past two weeks so yer…
  • I have also done a German controlled assessment! (woot…)
  • I altered a couple of things with my blog, only small things though. E.g. the colours and the background on the menu page.
  • Also I am considering buying a W7 palette (just a random one for you there!)

I think that is it there may have been a few things that I forgot but that is a reasonable explanation for what I have been doing and where I have been.

Righty Ho on with the show! ^-^



How beautiful is this brush! The colour of it just makes it look so cute. The main part of this brush is made from metal (most likely aluminium or something similar as it doesn’t make the brush feel heavy). The metal is a metallic rose-pink with hot pink writing on it. The base of the brush is then just made from matt black plastic however, it has a bit of grip to it so that it doesn’t slide out of your grasp when you are putting on blush!


The quality of this product is insane! The actual brush part of this is super soft I don’t even know how to describe it, I suppose it is like stroking a kitten. You know? Well it’s that kind of soft. It is also REALLY BIG! I mean you definitely get your value for money. I would almost go so far and say it is too big as I do find it covers the entire of my blush but I’ll let it slide. I suppose though you could actually use it as a power brush. The brush picks up the perfect amount of product and applies it well to the face.


I think overall this product is really good value for money! Although I did actually get this as a birthday present from one of my very generous best friend! Even though I know you won’t be reading this and even though have already said thank you like a million times, THANK YOU, I love this brush so so much!


I think that is all I have to say on this amazing brush! I think I would be well up for trying some of their other brushes or even something similar and to any of you who are thinking of buying one, what are you waiting for!?

Hang on! Wait, before you all go off to go and buy one of these brushes don’t forget to press like and give me a follow!

Thanks so much for reading and I will see you in my next post \(^-^)/

See you soon Xx

My Trip To Disneyland Paris

Hello! So some of you might know that in the summer last year I took a trip to Disneyland Paris for a long weekend with the school choir. I ask in one of my click click click posts for you guys to ask some questions for a possible Q&A post and some of you did so thank you! I do feel a little guilty that I left it this long to write the post but hey nobody is perfect!



Make sure that you lovely lot go and check out #forevershannon and Emma as without them I wouldn’t have questions for this post! Sadly Emma has stopped blogging but her blog is still up and so I would recommend reading it! Also I don’t know whether it is my computer but I can’t  view Shannon’s blog as it says it is private. Ahh I feel so bad that I have left this Q&A so late! Sorry!

Right, lets get on with the questions!


#forevershannon asked “what did you guys perform there?”

We performed a song called Fields Of Gold and a Mash-up of a load of Les Miserables songs. They were all so fun to sing and I think my favourite was either Castle On a Cloud or Do You Hear the People Sing.

Emma asked “Best bit?”

Oh there were so many its hard to choose!! I loved it when we were stuck in traffic 30 mins from Disney and we all were looking out to see if we could spot the Castle! I also loved the food at the hotel, the pool at the hotel and my room! I also liked singing on the stage and the fireworks show at the end of the night. Also my friend and I split away from our group and spent a good few hours going on the rides we wanted to go on. I was so happy because I am not really a roller-coaster person and so my friend accepted that and said that she would go on some of the tamer rides with me. That was nice, as earlier on my group had a spat over the fact that I didn’t want to go on this HUGE coaster and most of them did. This was more of a problem that it should have been as the teachers said we had to be in groups of 4. In the end 2 of my friends who were quite nervous about the ride came with me to the haunted house. It was quite exciting when we nearly ran into the head of the trip and so us 3 had to duck into a gift shop so that we could avoid being spotted. When just me and my friend split off for the rest of the afternoon we managed to go on something like 5 rides in about 2 hrs which for Disneyland is CRAZY! I should probably move onto the next question! Whoops I think that was most defiantly more that one best bit.

Emma also asked “Worst bit?”

The worst part for me was the fact that we didn’t actually get to sing. I know what your going to say, your going to say “But you said that singing there was one of the best parts!” I would then say that you were right, however we only sung in practice as a sound check for the real thing. What happened was it was gloriously sunny when we were doing the sound check (people were watching when we were doing it so we were performing, sorta) however when we came off the stage it started to rain, you know that spitting kinda rain. Yer well it did that and it lasted for about 15 mins but that was long enough for the show to be cancelled… 😦 The school band got to play though so good for them!  But hey I did still sing on the stage at Disney so…

She also asked “How many people went?”

I would say around about 150 people give or take. We had two whole coaches so I dunno. 2 coaches full of people! ;D

She then asked “How did you get there?”

We drove there in coaches and then we took the Euro Tunnel to get over to France.

She asked “What do you play?”

^Answer a few questions up^

Next she asked “What did you wear?”

Gosh it was so long ago I can hardly remember! I know I wore shorts and crop tops and I also wore a cute little play suit. The weather was so good whilst we were there (apart from when we were about to perform, typical!) I think the temperature was around 32′ C which was crazy hot! I kept having to use my little electric fan! But yer sorry I can’t overly remember!

Finally she asked “What make-up did you take with you?”

I didn’t wear any actually! I’m glad I didn’t as I couldn’t have been asked to take it off as we had soooo many late nights! Also if I wore mascara it probably would have smudged everywhere!! As to be frank I was sweating like a pig! 😀


Right that was all the questions! Thank you again to Shannon and Emma for asking those questions! I hope you liked this post if you did don’t forget to give it a like and click follow!! I will speak to all you lovely people in my next post!

P.S. if you want to check out some more photos from the trip see this post!