Soo I’m A Chef Now?!


So seeing as I’m going to uni September 2019 my parents decided to buy me a student cookbook so that I can actually learn how to cook as somehow even though I took food tech for three years from Yr 7 to Yr 9 I don’t seem to know how to cook anything but pasta! Heck I was toasting waffles for breakfast this morning and I managed to burn three! How is that possible all I was doing was placing the waffles in the toaster and waiting until it popped…

Anyways, for the first time in a long time I cooked a meal for my family, thankfully I didn’t majorly burn anything or cut myself in the process of chopping the veg! The recipe I followed was from ‘Nosh for Students: A Fun Student Cookbook’. I decided to start easy and so made mini pizzas using English muffins as the pizza base.


To begin with I chopped up one onion and one clove of garlic and fried them in a pan, this was a lengthy process! It took me FOREVER to chop the onion and I dropped a bunch of it on the floor as it made it’s journey from the chopping board and into the frying pan. I also nearly burnt the oil before I had even put anything into the pan, I then nearly burnt the onion but managed to salvage it with the help of my mum!😂  Once the veg was fried I added in a table spoon of tomato puree and a tin of chopped tomatoes. I let that simmer for longer than it should of, it should have been for 3-5 mins it was more like 7-10 for me.😂 Once that had cooked I added some seasoning and bish bash bosh, bob’s ya uncle, I’d made tomato sauce. Slight problem tho, I don’t like tinned tomato or chunks of onion so I had to use the mini hand blender thing (I don’t know it’s official term) to wizz it up into a puree.

I then wondered off for a few hours as I had made the sauce wayyy in advance as I needed to prep tea that night as we had someone coming over.

Once tea time was on the horizon I returned to the kitchen. I sliced all 6 English muffins in half and spread them with the tomato sauce I made. Thankfully my mum had laid out a bunch of pizza toppings, so it was easy for me to decorate them. I put mozzarella, olives and herbs on all the pizzas. I then put chills on all the pizzas, except for mine. Finally I added pepperoni to my dad’s and brother’s pizzas. I was feeling inspired at that point and took it upon myself to cut the pepperoni with mini cookie cutters, it didn’t really work. I was rather difficult and the shape came out a bit dog eared but it’s the thought that counts.😂


Overall, the pizzas turned out great! I surprisingly enjoyed myself while cooking them, I normally loath cooking, food tech was one of my least favourite subject- to the point were sometimes I would deliberately go slow so that my teacher would do some of the cooking or washing up for me. 😂 Cheeky! The recipe however, did say prep would be about 20 mins, ha they obviously haven’t met me, I think that took about an hour! Hopefully, I speed up over time but I think the most time consuming part was the chopping of the veg which will come with practice. Nevertheless, I think for a first attempt at cooking a proper meal in a loooong ass time, I did a pretty good job they tasted good and they looked nice so i think that’s a success. Unfortunately, I never got a photo of them once they were cooked but I guess they just tasted so good I didn’t have time to take one, hahah!😂


Let me know if you enjoy cooking or not and what the last thing you cooked was, I’m curious??

Thanks so much for reading,

See you soon Xx


How To Smash Yr 12


SO today I thought I would gift some of my wisdom to you lovely readers and tell you how to smash your first year of sixth form! Did I follow all of these tips during the school year? No. Did I smash year 12? Not massively… BUT don’t click off because I did follow some of these tips for a good half a term and they changed my life! Sure I didn’t stick with them but that’s because I got busy and too lazy, that’s my own problem 😇 (I’m really selling this aren’t I 🤣) Btw you can deffo apply most of these to any year group but I just finished year 12 so it just made sense to write about my experience but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to be following these tips religiously this coming academic year!

  1. Use free periods!!! Don’t chat or go to the shops like I did during the summer term, be like the autumn term version of me who did their homework during free periods!
  2. Go to the school library after school and stay until it shuts. Our library shuts at 5pm and school finishes at 3:20pm so I got a good amount of work done during that time and then I could go home and chill.
  3. If your at A-level especially, make notes after every lesson. I made mind maps after school everyday on what I had done in that lesson, that way your notes are clearer, concise and you revise them as you do it. Just ensure that you keep it up as my school hit me with a bunch of tests in about February and I never caught back up with my mind maps.
  4. Block YouTube, this is a trick I only just picked up properly. I used to use the app Forest while revising as it blocks all selected apps for a set amount of time while you revise. However, I needed something more heavy duty as my issue is getting started. I now have an app called Stay Focused which I have set to block YouTube between 9am-8pm and BOY it has made me so productive because now when I’m bored I do homework of something more productive. I also have set the app to only let me use Snapchat for an hour a day and Twitter and Instagram for 15 mins. However, in the time you do watch YouTube try and watch people who are motivating and are like the version of you that you want to become, whatever that may be.
  5. Bring a day folder to school. If your school is like mine I have to bring ring binders to school for each subject, but why break your back when you can just bring one folder with all your recent classwork in. Just use file dividers to separate you work and bob’s your uncle.
  6. Get involved. Get involved in everything. This year I was involved in house music, house drama, house dance (for the first time EVER!), house evening, along with giving various tours around school and applying to become house captain which I got!! Eeek it has changed my life for the busier and the better, I feel so connected and involved with the school now that I’m a house captain and I love it! If you don’t want to become a school officer of do any of the performances, try joining a club, my school has so many heck, we even have a rubix cube club. You could even set one up.
  7. Talk to your teachers. This is so so important but seriously if you have ANY issues there will always be that one teacher in the school you can rely on. If you’re struggling in a subject talk to your subject teacher I did this for RE during GCSEs and I go so much extra help. Your teacher wants you to succeed so if you want to do extra work get them to mark it, admittedly I felt guilty giving my RE teacher sooo many past paper questions but in the end I jumped from a D to an A.
  8. Wake up early. I’m still working on this one but I have found that just waking up 15 mins earlier than normal frees up my morning so much, I then can calmly pick out an outfit and eat my breakfast at a normal speed instead of ripping my wardrobe apart trying to find something to wear and then having to inhale my breakfast.
  9. Get a bullet journal. Bullet journal, list pad, cork board. Anything, find a method that works for you and use it to organise your life, write up monthly goals and make daily to-do lists to maximise productivity.
  10. Quotes! Use inspirational and motivational quotes to get you up and going, I find they give me a little boost when I’m lacking in motivation. My go to one is ‘She believed she could so she did’, I constantly repeat it and it’s even on my lock screen to my phone. Untitled.png

There you have it, the complete guide on how to smash Yr 12, but basically any year really!🤣 I hope this post was helpful and I hope this coming school year is full of successes for you.

If you use any of my tips I’d love to know! Also please share any tips you have on how to stay productive they’ll be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much for reading,

See you soon Xx

PS. I  just realised this is my 100th post on here, WHAT that’s crazy!!!

Watch out kids I’m on the roads!

Hi Gang,

Ooo fancy changing up my intro a little! I fancy a change around here I feel things have got a bit stagnant and flies are starting to swarm. If I’m feeling daring later, I may even change up the colours of this page!

Anyways long time no see, I’m in the writy mood again and thought I’d make a post about my driving experience. Now I haven’t passed my test yet, lord I haven’t even taken the theory test, but I finally feel like something has clicked.


I began driving on the 18th of May, practising how not to stall on some quaint little back roads behind my old primary school. You know how it is, there are so many peddles (a WHOLE 3!). So here I am trying to move off an all of a sudden WHOOOMPH! I stall. Except it wasn’t like that and to this day I’ve never had one of those cartoon like jolts which almost shoot you over the wheel and into the car in font. I like to think of my stalls a ninjas. They’re so silent that all of a sudden I could be about to move off and the lights on my dashboard go and just like that I realise… oh no, its happened again. Then there’s the famous scramble for the keys and handbrake while you try and turn the vehicle off and on again. Thankfully I think my fear of stalling helped me not to stall that many times but don’t get me wrong I stalled a fair amount to begin with. In fact I stalled about a half hour ago just as I was about to move off from a set of traffic lights… helpful.

Anyways I had my first driving lesson on the 31st of May and by then I’d had a good 15 hours driving experience in the family car so naturally I though I was a pro. Oh how naive I was! Turns out I’d been driving around all these villages and industrial estates without checking my wing mirrors, BIG MISTAKE. That took weeks to correct as I was so used to just chancing it.  Thankfully I check them now so no need to fear, plus I still drive like a granny so the chances of me hitting you are slim. That being said I hit 55mph the other day down the dual carriage way. Oh how proud I was! I was bricking it the whole time mind as I was worried I might sneeze and jerk the steering wheel as I discovered you needn’t move the wheel much when you’re that fast as the car goes all over the gaff.

I did struggle (and still do) with my driving instructor, our personalities clash and I find his criticisms incredibly grating. While I know he’s only trying to help it often makes me very frustrated and upset in the ways that he corrects me as he’s quite sarcastic and blunt. I did at one point have a melt down and had to cancel a lesson as when I would practice by myself I would beat myself up to the point of tears, I would sit and critique everything I did in my driving. I felt like if I drove the way I just had, in the lesson he would disapprove. I am thinking of switching after my 15th lesson with him but I’m still searching for potential instructors.

Anyways I am now proud to say I can successfully take on large roundabouts (with instruction, the lanes still confuse me) and go down dual carriage ways. I remember to check my mirrors and signal now and I’m currently working on my parking. I can do forward bay, reverse bay and parallel however, I often end up in the next space along (apart form parallel of course, I’m actually half decent at that). Nevertheless, I’m proud of my achievements so far and conquering my fear of going above about 30mph.

My goal is to have passed by Christmas, I feel I will know I’m ready to take my test when I can successfully do a roundabout and park whilst rapping to eminem! But for now I need to put my head down and focus on smashing my theory test as I can’t take my practical until then.

Overall, I am very impressed in how quickly I’ve improved and I really hope it all clicks soon so that I can take my test before exam season begins next year.

Let me know how you found learning to drive or if you’ve had similar experiences to me!

Thank so much for reading,

See you soon Xx

Turning 17

Hey guys,

I haven’t posted in literally a year!

Last time I posted I was teetering on the edge of “real life”, see in your early years of school (as you most likely know) you spend an awful amount of time at school doing NOTHING. Even though all you’ve done is colour in a picture of Peppa Pig and done a wordsearch you come home from school exhausted. Well, that was what school used to be like, then reality hit like a truck in about march this year. I was struck with the realisation that my GCSE’s were imminent and I needed to put my arse into gear. Needless to say I did and after a few revision trips to the library and a fair amount of last minute cramming (more than I’d like to admit) I was ready to take my exams. I don’t actually think I found the exams that stressful, I mean don’t get me wrong learning quotes from Macbeth, The Sign of the Four, 7 short stories and 15 poems-for English Literature, was no walk in the park but I did it and I am very proud of all the grades I achieved.

I then had my prom which was amazing I really came out my shell that night as I’m that person who will sit at the side pretending that they’re having a good time when in actual fact they’d rather be at home watching TV. I’m not a dancer but that night I danced till my feet hurt- I’m not joking when I say that, I got cramp later on in the night once I’d freed my feet from my high heels.

After that I went on holiday for the first time in AGES, I went on a 3 week holiday to the US, where my family and I travelled to 4 different states (New York, Florida, Portland and San Francisco). It was probably one the the best experiences of my life, I saw so many wonderful things and for that I am very grateful.

Now I am at the sixth form of my “old school”, I really enjoy it, I had a rocky start as I had to adjust to new people, subjects, timetables, teachers and a new environment- all of which I found rather overwhelming. I also went through a period of feeling quite lonely as I’m really not a people person; my people skills are limited, but I think I don’t give myself enough credit as I know for a fact that I am more confident that I think. However, now I am extremely happy with my friendship group, it’s a comfortable size there is about 10+ of us, as it fluctuates  depending on the day. I’ve been invited to 4 parties in the next few weeks which is UNHEARD of for me as I never get invited to any! Overall, I’m feeling a lot more positive about school as of late.

Over the holidays and in the New Year I am planning to work on my organisation, hopefully I get a bullet journal for my birthday (which is in 2 days!!!) or Christmas. I also want to do a lot more revision in preparation for end of topic tests so that I will be more prepared when it comes to taking my A-levels. I can’t say I am overly excited for my birthday this year though, as I am quickly realising that I am growing up and that very soon I will have to move out and live alone. However, I am very excited to go to university after I visited an open day a few weeks back. Once, I turn 17 I am going to make sure to get a job as I didn’t this year and I would really like some extra money which I can spend on clothes. I would also like to apply for my provisional license and perhaps even get driving lessons. Ideally next year I would also like to apply for and complete an EPQ as I would like to try and get the best and the most qualifications I can before I go to university.

That’s been my life for the past year, summed up in about 700 words. Obviously that’s a VERY condensed version but I hope that you reading this have found this interesting and it has made you think about how your last year was and what you’d like to do in the future. I’m honestly not sure when I’ll next post on here as I seem to only post when I’m in the mood to write but I’m sure I’ll post again soon.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

Here are some photos from my holiday:

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Feeling Festive

Eeek I have been binge watching Eve Bennett’s vlogmas (for last year) since Sunday and I am officially ready for Christmas.

Normally it takes me a while to get properly into the festive spirit but now I am ready!

On Sunday after being under the influence of feeling festive I went to Sainsbury’s with my parents (as you do) and convinced them to buy me a pair of bright red slippers with white polka dots on which look like elf shoes, they are super cute if I do say so myself. I also got a big snuggy Christmas jumper (also red) with a giant Christmas tree on the front of it with little leds which flash when I walk. Finally I got a wooden star, with smaller stars cut out of it, this lights up and shines out a lovely warm glow when it’s on. Finally I bought (and have forgotten to pay my parents back) a box of celebrations, I mean you’ve got to take advantage of those Christmas offers. Seriously though £2 for a box of chocolates, not bad!😇

I have also been loving watching all of the Christmas adverts. What’s your opinion on the John Lewis advert this year? I though it was good but it didn’t make me cry like they usually does, so I went back and watched their penguin one from a few years back so I could have a good cry!😂😂 I also really enjoyed the M&S advert, I cried at that one as well, surprise surprise!

Basically all I wanted to say in this post is that I’m super excited for December now and wish it would hurry up an come! I want my daily chocolate! Oh also I bought the Tanya burr advent calendar this year so I am super stoked to start opening the doors on that!!

Right I think that’s all I wanted to say!!

See you soon Xx

My Life Updated

Hey guys! SO I haven’t written on here in a long time!>_< *I feel like that is becoming my intro*

Firstly thanks so much for 90 followers! What! Considering I only post now and then it is crazy to think that I have created a little fam of 90 people!

Ok right let me explain everything that has been going on in my life, disclaimer this is by no means going to be a deep post I just want to tell ya’ll what I’ve been up to.

Righty ho. So I am currently up at my grandparents as it is half term! Man do I deserve a break, Yr 11 is tough. If you aren’t in Yr 11 yet PLEASE get organised before you get there because there is so much work to do and so many deadlines to meet! Already I have had a science end of topic test, my German Speaking exam and we are prepping for our science ISA. That may not sound like heaps of work but when you take art like myself and are being set 3 (yes 3) paintings to do in a WEEK, which can I point out is frigging impossible, it is a lot of work!

Moral of that story, get organised!

Secondly I have been trying super hard with my youtube channel, I actually got a shout out which really helped me out as in 24 hours I went from 27 subs to 250!!

In the summer I went to a retro festival which was super super fun! I went last year as well and both times I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I have also been trying to be more sociable as I am actually trying to talk to kids at school who I don’t know! I have been talking to more of my friends on social media and I have actually arranged to have a HALLOWEEN PARTY! What! I know crazy right, well for me at least! I am super excited and can’t wait to get all dressed up! I am thinking of going as a mexican day of the dead sugar skull, what are you going as?

On the topic of makeup and getting dressed up, I need your guys help. I want to buy a white eyeliner but don’t know of any good brands, do you have any recommendations? I am going to Reading with a friend tomorrow and am thinking of popping into Boots to get one.

The last thing I was gonna tell you guys is that I was ill near the start of the week! I wasn’t ill with a sicky bug or with a temperature or anything like that! Noo I have labyrinthitis. Yer apparently that’s a thing. Basically I was super dizzy and had to stay lying down for like 2 days! I was ok though as I had a whole load of dance moms to catch up on! >_< It was also ok because I don’t get travel sick and so it didn’t affect me in that way either. I went to the doctors on wednesday and I got given pills to take to help stop the dizziness. I can actually swallow the pills as well! Normally I really struggle with swallowing pills and I have to crush them up but I can swallow these as they are only diddy! I felt so proud of myself when I swallowed them for the first time! It’s the little things in life, ok! Also when looking labyrinthitis up on the internet apparently it can be brought on by fatigue and stress, so thanks a bunch school! ^o^

That’s all that I can really think of that has been going on in my life. Thanks so much for reading! Also thanks again for 90 followers, here’s to 100! >_< Hopefully I will upload a post this week as I am part way through writing one but I thought that I would just post this ya know, so that you didn’t think I was dead! ^-^

If you liked this post feel free to give it a like! Thanks xx

See you soon Xx

Back To School| New Year, New Me

Hey! So as you are all probably aware it is BTS season and today I thought I would tell you some of the things I am going to change about the way I work and the way go about my day so that I can become the best version of me! I feel that it is really important that I get this right this year as I am going into Yr 11 and so will be taking my GCSE’s! Then from then on life will only get harder so in need to bring my A game at all times.


Doesn’t it look like PacMan!? >_<

Ok so on with the list!

  1. ANY homework I get on that day is to be done on that day!
  2. Homework should be started as soon as I get home (or at least near enough)! You see last year I would get home and have a snack and sit around on my phone for HOURS! This would end up making me feel panicked, stressed, guilty and depressed and “ain’t nobody got time for dat”! I need to just get it out the way so that I feel like I have accomplished something.
  3. REVISE! I would hardly ever revise for end of topic tests and because I could get away with that and still come away with a good grade I figured it didn’t matter but NoOoOo it need to be revising so that I will remember it all better when it comes to the GCSE!
  4. Actually try to be more sociable at school, at the weekends and in the holidays or else I’ll be sittin’ on the (dock of the bay. Does anyone even get that reference?) side lines!IMG_20160816_121904871Ugh that flower in the centre is so irritating! But as Sheila Buff would say “Just Deal With It!” Omg I’m such a nerd!>_<
  5. Get a good night sleep! It will do you a favour honey, all those spots will be long gone! You will be able to concentrate better and get up earlier which brings me onto my next point!->
  6. If you get up early you can do your hair nice and maybe put on some make-up and forget about concealer because if you get a good night sleep you won’t need it! Also you won’t be late to school! Whoot!
  7. Also try to use your free time to practice drawing more and perhaps read before bed!


I hope you guys liked this post and found it helpful! I am aware that it was basically me ranting at myself and giving myself a pep-talk but I hope you liked it non the less! Also apologies for the bad photos I had to use my phone as Dad is on a day trip in London with my brother and so he had the camera!

What are you going to change to make yourself the best version of you?

See you soon Xx

The Vyne

Hey! Guess what!? I’ve got another photography post for you guys! The other day my family and I went to this national trust place called the Vyne and it was beautiful! I took lots of lovely photos of all the flowers and plants and so I thought I would edit them up for you guys and post them on my blog, enjoy!DSC06434







Now this next one isn’t actually from the Vyne but it is soo CUTE!


This lil guy was in my garden the other day! Isn’t he adorable! Well actually it could be a girl mouse but I didn’t check so!

So there are some photos for my trip to the Vyne, I really hope you liked them!

Which photo was your favourite!?

Thanks for stopping by!

See you soon Xx


My Trip to Brighton

Hey guys, so last Thurday my family and I went out on a day trip to Brighton. It was super fun and I took lots of photos so I thought I would share them with you! I even edited them!>_<

SO the first place I took photos at was the car park, there was some really cool graffiti which looks neon since I upped the vibrancy and saturation!




The next place I snapped some photos at was the restaurant where we had lunch!



I then took some photos on the pier!



Looks like I took this one in the evening huh! Nope, I took in in the middle of the day, that’s the magic of editing!



That’s all folks! Tell me which is your favourite down in the comments below and also tell me all the cool places you have been this summer or all the cool places you are going to go!

I hope you liked this post! See you in the next one!

See you soon Xx

A Weekend Walk

Hey! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve had practice exams!😶 I just wanted to say thank you for 85 followers!! (It might be 86 I’m not too sure!😂) Also I wanted to say that I will be blogging more in the summer so keep your eyes peeled.

This is a photo from a family walk that I went on last weekend!

Sorry this post was so short I just wanted to update you all quickly and tell you that I haven’t forgotten about you!Xx

See you soon Xx